Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

English Joke

Cerita Bahasa Inggris Yang Lucu : Where do you get sugart?
Teacher: What are some products of the West Indies?
Student: I don’t know.
Teacher: Of course, you do. Where do you get sugar from?
Student: We borrow it from our neighbor.

Cerita (Spoof) Singkat : Patient’s Death!!
A man receives a phone call from his doctor.
The doctor says, “I have some good news and some bad news.”
The man says, “OK, give me the good news first.”
The doctor says, “The good news is, you have 24 hours to live.”
The man replies, “Oh no! If that’s the good news, then what’s the bad news?”
The doctor says, “The bad news is, I forgot to call you yesterday.”

Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris : Penguin In The Park
Once a man was walking in a park when he
across a penguin. He took it to a policeman
and said; “What should I do?” The
policeman replied; “Take it to the zoo!”.
The next day, the policeman saw the man in
the same park. The man was still carrying
the penguin. The policeman was rather
surprised and walked up to the man and
asked; “Why are you still carrying the
penguin? Didn’t you take it to the zoo?” The
man replied; “I certainly did. And it was a
great idea because the penguin really
enjoyed it. So, today I am taking it to the

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